Logo Design and Branding

There’s an old saying… play to your strengths. That’s why if you are looking to have your branding and website done professionally, you need a winning team who can deliver.

One of the first questions I always ask when designing a new website is if my client already has their branding. Some don’t, some do. For the ones who do, all too often I hear “I do have branding, but it was done by my previous web designer”. Whilst some web designers are brilliant graphic designers in their own right, many aren’t. They cobble together a logo in Photoshop and pass that on to the client. The biggest problem with that is there is no reference point for me. There is no break down of the colours used in the logo, and too often it isn’t in the right format for me to use it on the new website.

It is because of this that I never design logos or branding myself. 

So when I get asked by clients about their branding, I always have one go-to person… Mary McCarthy of Mary McCarthy Design.

Something About Mary

I’ve known Mary for a number of years. I know that I can call on her as a go-to source for anyone who needs their brand developed alongside their website.

Mary has a unique talent when it comes to creative graphic design. She instinctively understands what the client wants. She has a keen eye for detail, trends, colours and layout. It’s a winning combination that has resulted in numerous projects together and always resulting in happy clients who get professional branding with a website that is built on the foundation of that branding. Mary always produces detailed information on the colours used in the branding so as I can use that throughout the website design. This method ensures the branding not only works with their printed collateral but with their online presence too.

How We Can Help You

If you are looking for both your website and branding to be done as a complete end-to-end project, then we’re the partnership for you. Our skills will ensure you have the complete package, both branding and website. Both Mary and myself have the highest possible standards when it comes to our work, and with us working together, you can be assured of a quality professional service without any fuss.

Start Your Branding and Website Journey

To start your journey towards professional branding and a professional website, get in touch with us. Simply send me a message with your requirements and I will get the ball rolling for you. Or if you prefer, contact Mary directly.

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