Domain Names

Domain Names are an integral part of having a website. Without a domain name, your customers wouldn’t be able to find your website online. There are many domain name providers, and you’ll hear them called “domain registrars”. A domain registrar is responsible for securing a domain name and to process payment of the domain and to point it to the server(s) that host your website.

As part of my WBDP Hosting services, I am able to register the most commonly used domain TLD’s. A TLD stands for Top Level Domain which is the part that ends in, .com etc.

If you are having a new website designed by me, and need a domain name, I will let you know what TLD’s are available for your domain. Prices start at £7.99 per year. Unlike some providers (such as GoDaddy), I don’t offer hugely discounted first-year prices only to hike them in subsequent years. The price you pay in year 1 will be the same as you pay in subsequent years (unless the cost of the domains is raised by the relevant body that oversees the provision of the TLD).

Registering Your Domain

You can either register your domain yourself at my WBDP Hosting website, or you can have me register the domain for you on your behalf. If you wish for me to register the domain for you, I will invoice you for the cost of the domain yearly just before its renewal is due.

Transferring Your Domain

If you already have a domain registered, but wish to transfer it to WBDP Hosting to take advantage of the competitive prices I offer, you can request the domain transfer through my WBDP Hosting page. Alternatively, get in touch with me to organise for me to do this for you on your behalf.

I Want To Keep My Domain With My Existing Registrar

If you are having your website designed by me, but you wish to keep your domain with your existing registrar, this is not a problem. Once your website is ready to go live, a simple change to your Domain’s NameServers is all that it takes to get your website live. I will be happy to assist in getting the NameServers changed as required.

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