Website Maintenance

When I design, build and host your WordPress website, or if you move your WordPress website to my platform, your monthly hosting fee includes maintenance of both WordPress and its plugins. I monitor your website centrally to ensure all plugins are up to date and to spot any potential security risks.

WordPress regularly issues updates to its software to fix security risks or to add new functionality. Your website will always be kept up to date with these new versions to ensure it is as well protected as possible.

Similarly, any plugins used on the website will be updated as and when they are released and tested to also protect from any security vulnerabilities or when new features are added.

If an update subsequently causes your website to stop functioning as expected, it will be fixed free of charge. However, this rarely happens and you can be safe in the knowledge that your website is secure.

Additional steps are taken to deter potential attacks to your website, such as changing the default WordPress admin login page (e.g. to a randomly generated URL (e.g. Additionally, a challenge-response method is used to lock the admin page of the website if a hacker tries to guess your username and password should they happen to gain access to the WordPress admin login page.

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