Website Hosting

Every website needs to be hosted on a platform that delivers both speed and resilience. Unlike some designers, I don’t use traditional shared hosting. The platform I use is hosted in a secure data hosting centre here in the UK. Your website won’t be loaded onto a single server. Instead, it is loaded across multiple servers in a “cloud-like” environment. This means that you’ll website is not penalised by other busier websites slowing yours down.

Hosting As Part Of The Design Process

When I design your new website, it will always be hosted on my infrastructure. This enables me to guarantee that your website works as I intend, and giving your customers the best possible experience when visiting your website. Your monthly hosting fee includes the hosting and maintenance of your website.

Choose from my “Cloud-Like” hosting solution, or if your website needs more resources and processing power, a Virtual Private Server.

Cloud-Based Hosting - £17.50 per month

Your website will be hosted on a highly tuned auto-scaling WordPress infrastructure to ensure your visitors get the best possible experience when browsing your website. It will have caching already installed to enable your website to be served fast using the very latest in web technology. Unlike traditional shared hosting, where many websites are stored on one server, my cloud-based hosting uses state-of-the-art systems to replicate your website across many servers. This means there is no single point of failure, and that your website will not be affected by traffic to another website slowing it down.

This option is best suited to websites that don't receive huge amounts of traffic. Your website will benefit from my management service ensuring plugins are updated.

Virtual Private Server - From £33 per month

Having your website hosted on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is suitable for those who want to ensure that their website loads faster than what can be achieved on Cloud-Based hosting. A VPS has its own dedicated resources, such as processor, memory and disk space which is not shared by any other service.

For more information about VPS hosting click the button below.

Host Your Existing Website

If you’re looking for great value hosting to host your existing website, or if you want to design your own website, then my WBDP Hosting services are for you. Choose from Linux, WordPress or Windows hosting. You’ll use the same platform as I use for my clients ensuring speed and resiliency. Simply click the button below to find out more.