New Year, New Branding

Websites by Dave Parker Website Creative Brief

Happy 2019 everyone. I cannot believe how quickly 2018 zoomed by! It was a fantastic year for me, my first full calendar year of Websites by Dave Parker.

To kick things off for 2019, I am relaunching the website with new branding. The old brand was, to be quite honest, designed when I had very little knowledge of how to use PhotoShop (how that changed in 2018, when I realised I needed greater control in editing client’s images!). My new branding is, I hope, much more polished and says what I do. The old colour scheme was based on a green theme, the new scheme on purple, which is one of my favourite colours. I hope it is easier on the eye too.

I plan to expand the number of services I offer in 2019. More on that as the year progresses and I start to refine them.

One service which I am excited about is the launch of my QuickWeb service. I’ll give more details on this as the time approaches for its launch, but in essence, it will be based on a fixed number of templates that customers can choose from, and a process where they can fill in the details online and have their website up and running in less than 5 days. Whilst this is not a bespoke design service, it will offer a “just-in-time” approach to companies or individuals who want a website turned around fast and who don’t have the need for the built-in web editing tools that my current design service offers, and are happy to have their website based on a set design.

So, onward and upwards for 2019. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with my existing clients as well as welcoming new clients who need their website professionally designed and hosted.

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