Website for US Writer David Booher

Website designed for David Booher by Websites by Dave Parker
David Booher is a writer in the United States. He approached me to design his website after seeing the website I did for Nicholas Downs.

David’s brief was that he wanted something classic that reflected his love of writing, as well as allowing him to share his short stories with people. Most importantly, David wanted something that could easily be updated by himself as and when required without having to learn all the intricacies of HTML and CSS. This has been achieved by allowing him to edit the content of the website in an easy to use interface.

To give the website the feel of a writer, we chose a mono-spaced font that resembled a typewriter font. It certainly gives the website a feeling as if it has just been typed up on an 1930’s typewriter.

Another one of David’s passions is writing for comics. He currently has two comics that he’s involved with, Powerless and Alien Bounty Hunter and he wanted to showcase some artwork from these. This has been achieved by including selected artwork in a portfolio which allows his visitors to view with ease.

It was a pleasure to work with David and he was keen to take on-board my suggestions, or to expand on ideas that I had about the design of the website. If you want to view the finished website, visit

If you have the need for a website, and think that I could help you realise your vision, please do get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

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