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Are Bargain Priced Websites Worth It?

Over the last few weeks my Facebook timeline has been littered with adverts from web design companies (the sweet irony!) promoting websites priced at £49 for a lifetime website or adverts with imagery that suggests a freelance web designer designs your website from within a cardboard box with a 1930’s telephone.

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Website Copy – Formal or Informal?

Getting the tone right for your website copy is so important. Should it be formal or informal? It varies on your type of business. So what is the best approach?

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Business life after lockdown News

Business Life after Lockdown

As the UK starts to reopen how will business life after lockdown look? It may take many months for the UK to return to normal. How will this affect businesses?

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Why You SHOULD Hire A Web Designer

I was reading through some articles on the Internet and came across one entitled “Why You Should NOT Hire A Web Designer in 2020”. In this article I explain why this is never more untrue, and why you SHOULD hire a web designer in 2020 and beyond.

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Why Small Business Owners May Be Put Off Having A Website

Many small business owners, and especially sole traders, are often daunted by the prospect of having a website that they cannot update themselves.

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Why I champion New Start-Ups

In this article I discuss why I have a passion for new start-ups and why I champion them. As a web designer, I know the challenges of starting a new business.

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