The Importance of Reliable Web Hosting

Reliable Web Hosting

Whether you are hosting just one website, or many websites, reliable web hosting is so important.

Long before I started my journey as a freelance web designer, I had already been setting up websites, either for personal projects or for friends. I remember the days of setting up DotNetNuke and Joomla. Back then, web hosting came in two basic variants – expensive dedicated servers housed in a data centre or shared hosting. Shared hosting was for most of us, the most cost-efficient way of hosting a website. The biggest downfall of shared hosting back then was that the allowed limits were low (often resulting in timeouts for busier websites). Disk and memory quotas were also heavily restricted. And because shared hosting often resulted in many websites on one server with little or no segregation, if one site was experiencing heavy traffic or subjected to an attack, the rest of the other websites suffered. The complete opposite of reliable web hosting!

To think we were living with these kinds of limitations a mere ten years ago seems odd. Today, however, things have improved beyond recognition. No longer is shared hosting seen as a poor relation to a dedicated server. With technologies such as “cloud like” storage being used by hosting companies, running on SSD or even NVMe storage, websites run every bit as fast as their dedicated server counterparts. Factor in software like CloudLinux which essentially places each hosting account into its own container, long gone are the days when one website on the server or node now brings others to a grinding halt if they are using a lot of resources. And even when shared hosting isn’t quite going to do, we now can use Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to give more resources without the expense of running a dedicated server.

When it comes to choosing a reliable web hosting partner, there are many companies offering their services. This isn’t just important for the casual website user such as those who may want to just set up a WordPress blog, but also for us web designers too. We need reliable hosting to ensure our client’s websites are fast and are available 99.99% of the time.

I recently decided to move from my original hosting provider as I felt their support had gone downhill, and I was experiencing caching issues with their in-house caching system. In addition, websites were getting slower for no apparent reason. They also used their own in-house developed management control panel system as opposed to the industry standard cPanel and didn’t run LiteSpeed web servers. To ensure my customers would have the best experience, I specifically looked for a reliable web hosting provider that offered cPanel, LiteSpeed and the fastest storage solution available, NVMe storage. Additionally, they needed to be UK based, but with the option of data centres in other countries if needed in the future.

After a lot of research, I found Brixly. I had some initial questions for them, which were answered by the sales team. I was satisfied they were the best company to host my client websites. And to date, I have not been disappointed. Their services are second-to-none. Websites run blazingly fast and in the event I do run into an issue, their support team responds quickly and either resolves issues or points me in the right direction. This is backed up by the number of 5-star reviews on Trustpilot. As a web designer, I went for their reseller package as I need the ability to host many websites, but they also offer web hosting for individuals also. I remember when asking in the Facebook web hosting groups I belong to what people’s experience with Brixly was, the most common comments were that Brixly always treat you like a valued customer and not just a number. I can certainly vouch for that. In the last 6 months that I have been with Brixly, I have to say, I have been blown away with their professionalism, “can-do” attitude, and attention to detail. And of course, not forgetting that my client websites now run faster than they ever have.

So, whether you’re a web designer reading this and need a reliable web hosting provider, or you just need a host for your website that delivers, I cannot recommend Brixly highly enough.

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