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I have designed many websites over time. However, I have particular experience in designing websites for people who are yoga teachers, reflexologists, natural holistic therapists, fitness trainers and homeopaths. 

With this experience, I know what is needed on these kinds of sites.

Many of the clients I have worked with over the years felt daunted or apprehensive when they first got in touch. They just didn’t know where to start. One of my many skills is setting their mind at ease and calmly walking them through the process. I don’t use technical terms to explain the process. We discuss what they want to achieve from their website, and what they want their customers to learn about their range of services.

Some clients want the ability to allow their customers to be able to book classes or therapies directly from the website. In those instances, I recommend using Acuity Scheduling to make the process as simple as possible, both for them and their customers. I have a lot of knowledge of this platform, so I can guide you through the set-up process, or if the need arises, set it up for you on their behalf.

Those clients who already have a website often come to me because it is old and outdated, and quite often doesn’t work properly on mobile phones. In today’s digital age, more and more people are using their mobile phones to view websites, and it’s important that potential customers can easily view a website on their phone.

I understand that not everyone is technically minded. Because of this, I will make sure that if you ask me to design your new website, I will do so at your own speed and guide you through the whole process. From the layout to the colour scheme, to helping you with the copy for the website, I am with you all the way. I can even help assist you to purchase a domain name if you need one. If you already have a domain name, I will ensure that the settings needed to point it to your new website will be handled by me on your behalf, making the process of getting your new website online simplicity in itself! I always make a point of telling my clients that no question is too silly or trivial.

And once the website is up and running, I take special pride in being a guiding hand. I will make minor modifications to the website should something change or you need to add a new service. I’ll even help you get your first blog post published if you want to have a blog on your new website. As your business grows, I will always be on hand to help ensure your website reflects this. Unlike some web designers, I take pride in being a friendly voice at the end of the telephone when you need to change or amend your website. It’s just that extra little bit of help that my past clients have loved and appreciated.

Below are some of the websites I’ve designed for yoga teachers, reflexologists, holistic therapists, fitness trainers and homeopaths.

Start Your New Website Journey Today!

If you’re ready to discuss your particular needs for your website, why not start your journey with me today. Simply fill out the Website Creative Brief below, or get in touch with me to discuss your options.

Website Creative Brief

Welcome to the Website Creative Brief

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the Website Creative Brief. Using the answers to the questions that are about to be asked, I can work out the best possible options for you, along with a guide on pricing. Please answer the following questions as accurately as possible to enable me to do this.

Once you have completed and submitted the form, you will receive and email with the submitted information. I will respond as quickly as possible during my normal office hours (Monday to Thursday 10:30am-5:30pm and Friday 10:30am-2pm, excluding bank holidays).

You can save the progress of the form at any time during the process of filling it out by clicking the "Save & Resume" button. You will be given a link which you can save and come back to at a later date to continue the process of filling out the form.

I look forward to receiving your details.

Business Contact Details

Please provide your business contact details so you can be contacted about the website creative brief.

Operating Sector and Mission Statement for

Let me know what sector(s) your business operates in , and your business mission statement or what you'd like people to take away from viewing your website

Existing Website Details

If you already have a website , please let me know some details about it.


The New Website for

Now we can gather some information about the new website for . The following questions are designed to get your input on what you'd like your new website to look like.

Website design, like all things creative, is very subjective. What one person likes another may not be so keen on. It can help me greatly if you have an idea of what you're looking for in your new website . You have already probably looked at websites and thought "I like that kind of idea".

You can purchase your domain name directly through Websites by Dave Parker by visiting my hosting service at My domains are fairly priced and you won't be charged a small introductory price only for the domain costs to rise from year 2 onwards. By purchasing the domain directly from me, I can ensure your website is set up correctly.


Online Booking System

Online booking systems allow your customers to book an appointment with you. Over the many years that I have been designing websites, one system stands out from the rest, Acuity Scheduling. Their system is flexible, and I have helped many clients integrate this into their websites. If you are thinking of using Acuity, please consider using my affiliate link if you're going to use any of their paid plans. Whilst it doesn't affect the price you pay, it does allow me to earn a referral fee from them. My affiliate link is


If you are considering having eCommerce on your website, then I'd recommend considering using the Ecwid platform. Whilst there are WordPress based eCommerce solutions (the most popular being WooCommerce), these do have limitations. The biggest limitation is the potential for lost orders if your website needs to be restored to a previous date in the event of corruption. With Ecwid, all your orders are processed on their platform meaning in the event of your website needing to be restored from a previous backup, no data will be lost. If you decide to use any of the Ecwid paid plans, please consider using my referral link. Whilst it doesn't affect the price you pay it does allow me to earn a referral fee from them. My Ecwid referral link is 

Required Website Pages

Please let me know what pages you are likely to need on your website , for example, "About Me" or "Services". Whilst this does not have to be a definitive list, it gives me an idea as to the number of pages I will need to create as part of the build, and the cost.

Website Branding

The design of the website for should reflect your branding. Please answer the following questions about your branding which will be taken into consideration when designing the website.

Logo Design and Branding for

You've indicated that you do not have a logo for your website . If you were to have a logo designed for , please indicate below the budget you are willing to spend on your logo (separate from the budget for designing and building your website). Based on your answer, I will suggest the best viable option to obtain a logo for your new website.


And Finally...

Thank you for all your answers so far . These are the final questions in this Website Creative Brief.

Submit Your Details

Thank you for entering all the information. If you are ready to send your details to me, click the Submit the Website Creative Brief button below, and your details will be stored for me to review.

You can use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate through the pages to check the information you've entered if you wish. If you're not quite ready to send me the details just yet, simply hit the Save and Resume button, making a note of the URL, and you can come back at a later date to complete the process.

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