The Web Design Process

For most businesses that are looking to have their website designed, the process can seem daunting at first. That’s why you need a web designer who makes the whole web design process simple, straightforward and effortless.

As a business, your website is one of your most important assets. Even in a world driven by social media such as Facebook and Twitter, having a website allows your customers the chance to find out about you and your business and ultimately, how it can help them. It goes without saying therefore that your website has to be done right and reflect your business in the way you want it to. I’ve found that a lot of clients who have contacted me have done so fearing the web design process is going to be difficult and hard to understand.

The Web Design Process

I always try to make sure the process of getting your website designed, built and then launched is as simple as possible. Other web designers will have their own way of doing things, but this is how I do it.

The Brief

I've found the best way of getting to understand what a client needs from their website is to fill out a questionnaire. It helps focus what's needed and gives me an invaluable insight. You can fill it out online here.

The Quote

Once I have a better understanding of what you need on your website through the website creative brief, I can start to put together a quote for you. The quote will cover the cost of designing and building your website.

The Build

After you have reviewed the quote and have agreed to use my services, I will start to build your website. I will create all the pages you require and start populating it with the information about your business.

The Launch

Once the build of the website is complete (during which we will make the changes needed), it's time to launch your website. I take care of all the technical aspects to ensure it goes smoothly.

If you are interested in using my services to design your website, then I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me using any of the methods shown below.

Fill out my Website Creative Brief with what you’re looking for in your new website and I’ll get in touch with you to discuss

You can drop me an email to with any questions you might have about the services I offer

You can drop me an email by clicking here with any questions you might have about the services I offer

Or send me a message using the form below.

Website Contact Form
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