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Waterdrill website designed by Websites by Dave Parker
Jose from Waterdrill Limited needed a new website for his new venture, a water borehole drilling and water supply business which covers the whole of southern England.

The brief from Jose was that he wanted to be able to showcase his services and keep the website up to date as the business grows.

Jose had already commissioned his branding but wanted the website to reflect that Waterdrill is able to source water on people’s properties and to be able to drill a borehole to supply water to both domestic and commercial properties (for example, for farmland irrigation).

Jose wanted to have sections that clearly and concisely demonstrated what is involved in the process and how it could benefit customers.

Jose has already produced several videos showing his hi-tech drilling rig, which I used to great effect for the opening splash image on the desktop version of the website. The navigation is easy for the website visitor to use, ensuring that Waterdrill’s services can be easily found.

The finished result is a website that takes its cues from water, from the colours used to the images on the pages, reflecting the fact that Waterdrill can supply natural water. 

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