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Bookham and Horsley Bootcamps website designed by Websites by Dave Parker
Total Bootcamps is a community led fitness group run by David O'Driscoll. David wanted a website to promote his bootcamp sessions.

David O’Driscoll runs a community lead health and fitness training business helping people of all levels of abilities to get fit and healthy. He needed a website which would promote the business. Just before the website was due to launch, Coronavirus dramatically changed the way the business worked, and the website needed to accommodate this.

David had an idea in his mind about how he wanted the website to work at the outset. He wanted it to promote the benefits of like-minded people training together both indoors and outdoors. The website needed to publicise the different packages available, as well as getting the message across that the bootcamp’s were for people of all levels of fitness and abilities.

The brief was to keep the website clean and uncluttered. The logo for Total Bootcamps has a monochrome palette, so the decision was to keep the website stylish by replicating this. Wherever possible, simple black and white was used, except for the images, which were kept as colour.

The website was ready to launch, then at the eleventh hour, the world was struck by the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result, the UK, like so many countries, went into lockdown. This effectively meant that Total Bootcamps had to shut down to comply with government legislation. David decided that in order to continue to make revenue, he would need to sell fitness plans online. To achieve this, his initial thought was to create plans, and sell them via PayPal with buttons on the website. I advised him that there was a better way!

I took the necessary steps to install WooCommerce into WordPress and created an online shop where he could sell his fitness plans. After David saw this, he instantly approved of the change, and felt this could benefit the business, not just now, but going forward as he expands the business to not just having bootcamps, but to help people get, and stay fit no matter where they are, at a pace that suits them. The online store is a perfect platform for this and has the ability in the future to allow for monthly recurring subscriptions, allowing for member only online content.

As part of the process of getting the website and online store up and running, I also redesigned David’s digital fitness plans and made them available in PDF format. These are sold in the online shop, or in the case of the free plan, he is able to offer this as a free give-away when people sign up to his newsletter via MailChimp.

The resulting website is something David is delighted with. It gives him scope to continue to make revenue through the Coronavirus pandemic, and expand the business afterwards. The site uses a clean, modern approach and is easy to maintain, and should serve David and his business well for many years to come.

This portfolio article was updated in April 2022 to reflect the change of business name from “Bookham and Horsley Bootcamps” to “Total Bootcamps”

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