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Mary McCarthy Design website designed by Websites by Dave Parker
Mary McCarthy is a creative graphics designer who I work closely with. Naturally, when it came to her wanting to redesign her website, she came to her 'website man'.

I’ve known Mary for many years as she worked with my partner at Canon UK. When I started designing websites for a living, I turned to her for advice and help about being a freelancer. It was apparent that our combined skills were going to work well to give an end-to-end solution to our clients – Branding and Web Design.

Mary had previously designed her own website using Wix, a long time before I started designing websites. It was my suggestion to Mary that her Wix website just didn’t do her any justice, nor was it a good platform for her to show potential clients her amazing skills when it comes to branding and logo design. The Wix website was also difficult for Mary to manage, and she often found that keeping it up to date caused her more problems than it solved.

She set to work creating a few mockups of what she would like her new website to look like. As we often do with clients that we work together with, I took those mockups and translated them to WordPress, with of course, a few of my own ideas and tweaks to give the website a polished look. I wanted to give Mary a website that very much focused on her skills.

The resulting website is clean and easy to use. It makes use of a full-screen menu across all devices to keep the layout simple and uncluttered. Mary sourced all the images on the website which perfectly match her style and ethos of work, along with natural style of a picture telling a story. The choice of colours also match Mary’s brand, using teals and bright yellows.

Mary also took advantage of moving her domain over to my WBDP Hosting service. This allows her not only to take advantage of cheaper domain renewals, but also confidence that I can manage all aspects of her online presence for her. This also extends to Mary finally having her own domain email (which is if you want to get in touch with her about a project!)

Mary is delighted with the new website. It finally allows her to showcase all her skills and expertise accumulated over many years of working the creative graphic design industry.

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