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Horsley Homeopathy website designed by Websites by Dave Parker
Ali Lomax of Horsley Homeopathy contacted me to design her website after seeing the website I created for Elsbeth North. She wanted a website that reflected her unique style.

Ali runs her own Homeopathy service from Horsley in Surrey. She needed a website that would allow her clients to find out more about her services and how she can help them.

Ali came to me with an idea of what she wanted after seeing the website I created for Elsbeth North Homeopathy when they were at a convention together. She needed the website to not only reflect her services, but also the fact that she specialises in treating Women’s Health issues through the use of Homeopathy.

Ali also wanted the website to be informative, and to get across her unique approach to how she operates. This had to carry through to the styling of the website. We went through several revisions of the styling of the website, from colours through to the careful choice of typeface and font that Ali thought best reflected her.

Like so many businesses that operate both on a face-to-face and online basis, and particularly important to Ali, was that her clients could see her pricing upfront, and then go on to book appointments with her directly from the website. To achieve this, we used Acuity Scheduling to make the process as seamless and easy as possible for her clients. Like most Homeopaths, Ali has a mixture of face-to-face clients and remote clients, and the booking system takes this into account.

As with all my clients, I extended my service to Ali by including updates to the website free of charge for the first six months and will offer ongoing support as her business continues to grow. In addition to this, full documentation was provided with clear step-by-step details on how she can update her website herself if she feels she wants to. The website was built using WordPress, along with Elementor to ensure the best possible design with an easy to use drag and drop visual interface, allowing Ali to easily update the website herself if needed.

The resulting website is something Ali is delighted with. It reflects Ali’s unique style and approach to her business and will allow her to better serve both her existing client base as well as new clients going forward. The website ensures that clients know the services she offers, specially dedicated to Women’s Health, in a clear, concise and professional manner.

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