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ES Skincare website designed by Websites by Dave Parker
ES Skincare is a company selling skincare products. I was contacted by Tracie to redesign their website after their previous hosting company wanted to charge higher fees.

Tracie got in contact with me during the summer of 2020 enquiring about my services. Their existing web hosting company was using a bespoke e-commerce solution which they planned on phasing out. There were two options presented to ES Skincare – move over to new bespoke e-commerce software, or pay a premium to keep the existing software maintained. Both options would cost ES Skincare thousands of pounds a year and the prices quoted were simply out of their budget. Tracie wanted to know if I could help.

After explaining to Tracie that I could redesign the website and include WooCommerce at a fraction of the price they were being quoted, she was keen to proceed.

The brief from Tracie, on behalf of the company owner Elizabeth, was to have a website that looked modern and could be used to sell their range of skincare products. After agreeing on a broad outline of the new design, such as colours and layout, I set about creating a website that showcased their many products.

By implementing a WooCommerce store into the design, it has allowed ES Skincare to not just sell their wide range of products, but to showcase them in a way that their customers can clearly understand, navigate and purchase. And by integrating WooCommerce with the Stripe payment gateway, customers can now pay in confidence with their credit and debit cards.

As part of the redesign, I loaded the WooCommerce shop with its range of products. It became clear to both Tracie and Elizabeth at this point that they needed to reshoot their product lines to ensure the best possible quality of images and that they were clean to mirror the design of the new website.

Careful choice of colours and layout has allowed ES Skincare to show their products in a much friendlier, customer-focused layout, which should increase sales and revenue.

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