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Equine Manual Therapist website designed by Websites by Dave Parker
Equine Manual Therapist run by Jennifer and based in Edenbridge uses specialised techniques to help horses recover from injuries or illness.

Jennifer heard about my services through Elsbeth North. She had seen the work I had done on Elsbeth’s website and came to me for help.

Her existing website was a mix of styles without a cohesive theme throughout. Jennifer knew she needed to have her website redesigned to encourage new clients. She also knew she would be offering new services going forward, and wanted to make sure she could showcase these as and when they became available.

We explored different colour palettes to start with, and eventually, Jeniffer felt the deep lilac colour resonated best with her and her business. This colour is used throughout the website to ensure a consistent feel and approach.

As with so many clients, Jennifer had some images that she wanted to use on the site but unfortunately, they were not good enough to use for page headers and larger hero images. A great compromise was to use carefully selected stock images for the hero sections of the website and use her images to tell her story and exhibit the services she offers.

The finished website is clean and easy to use. Whilst Jennifer’s budget didn’t stretch to having her logo redesigned for launch, this is something she is looking to do in the future, and it will be an easy task to update this as and when the time comes.

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