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Elsbeth North Homeopathy website designed by Websites by Dave Parker
Elsbeth of Elsbeth North Homeopathy needed a website to promote her services as a registered homeopath operating from Horley in Surrey and internationally.

Elsbeth is one of the growing numbers of professional homeopaths who offer homeopathy services. She needed a website that would convey her services and the potential benefits of homeopathy to prospective clients.

As with many homeopaths, Elsbeth doesn’t just offer her services to local people, but also internationally. Therefore it was important that we conveyed this throughout the website. She already had her branding ready to go and wanted a professional website. Her brief was that it had to reflect her personality and ethos.

Using her branding as a starting point, I have based the colour scheme of the website on the four colours used in her logo. By doing this, I was able to tie together the branding and the look and feel of the website. The use of greens and blues gives the website a calming influence and reflects the healing nature of homeopathy. Subtle animation effects also give the website a sense of depth.

Another important feature that Elsbeth wanted to include on her website is the ability for clients to be able to book appointments online. Her platform of choice is SetMore, a scheduling platform that allows clients to book and pay for their appointments. To ensure seamless integration, an appointment booking button has been placed on her booking and fees page.

Elsbeth was keen on the ability for her to be able to easily update the website herself in the future if she needed to. To that end, the website makes use of a visual editor within WordPress to allow Elsbeth to do this going forward.

As Elsbeth is a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths, she needed to get the website approved by them before it was made live. They approved the website and gave it the green light to be launched.

The resulting website is something Elsbeth is very happy with. It is modern and informative and easy to manage. Careful use of images that reflect the very nature of homeopathy gives the website a welcoming feel whilst providing information to people who may be seeking to use the services of Elsbeth North Homeopathy.

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