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Dee Morris Homeopathy website designed by Websites by Dave Parker
Dee Morris is a homeopath based in Ireland. She contacted me after seeing the work I'd done for Elsbeth North Homeopathy

The brief from Dee was that she wanted something simple, yet impactful for her homeopathy business based in Ireland.

Dee’s preferred colour scheme was pastel based, and we settled on a mixture of blue and lavender, which not only perfectly complement each other, but reflect the calmness and healing nature of homeopathy.

Dee very much wanted the focus to be on the methods she uses, as well as creating a pathway for her clients to understand the benefits of homeopathy and the services she can offer, especially around her specialities of women’s hormonal health and children’s health.

Dee did not have any images for me to use on the website, so I used carefully selected, high-quality stock images to convey her business. Whenever an image didn’t quite hit the mark for Dee, it was a simple process of choosing one that she felt was more appropriate.

The finished result is a clean, well laid out website that serves as a great introduction for prospective clients as to the work that Dee does, and how her homeopathy practice may benefit them.

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