The Importance of Being Mobile

Person holding a mobile phone

There was a time when your website would only be viewed on a desktop computer. Times have changed though, and now having a mobile version of your website is an absolute must if you want to satisfy your customers or potential customers.

Data from Statista states that there will be a predicted 46.4 million smartphone users in the UK in 2017, with that number rising to 51.8 million users by 2020. We are all using our smartphones more and more to browse the web whilst out and about, or sitting at home whilst watching TV (known as dual-screening).

With this in mind, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you could be missing out on business or opportunities. People who cannot easily view your website on their smartphone will quickly navigate away from your website and on to a competitor. Can you afford to lose out on potential custom if your website isn’t mobile friendly?

When I design your website, you are guaranteed that it will work just as seamlessly on smartphones as it does on desktop browsers. I also ensure that users can quickly contact you right from your mobile website via telephone, email or social media.

If you would like to know more about how I can design a website that will impress you and your customers, then please get in touch by filling out the contact form or email me.

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