New Website for Shanti Therapies

Website for Shanti Therapies designed by Websites by Dave Parker

Chantelle of Shanti Therapies approached me to design, build and host a website for her new venture which offers reflexology and holistic therapies to her clients. The result is a website which is not just informative, but meets the brief given to me by Chantelle.

Shanti Therapies offers a range of therapies to its clients, from reflexology therapies right through to holistic therapies, including therapies for pre and post natal clients.

Chantelle’s brief was that she wanted a website that was easy for clients to use, and have the ability to accept bookings online from new and existing clients wanting to use her services. She also wanted the website to use a colour palette that was based on the colour pink. I needed to ensure that the result was a site that didn’t look too garish, and had subtle tones that complimented each other. The use of a side-bar navigation system on the desktop also allows the website visitor to quickly navigate between the different pages of the website.

I have integrated Acuity Scheduling into the website to meet Chantelle’s desire to offer and allow clients to book appointments online.

Chantelle also wanted to be able to write a blog which allows her to give useful and insightful advice and tips which compliment her love for reflexology and holistic treatments and to help visitors to the Shanti Therapies website get more out of every day living, especially tips and advice on how to remain relaxed in an ever increasing fast-paced world.

The result is a website which both Chantelle and myself feels hits the target with all the feature she needs to progress her reflexology and holistic therapy treatments for her existing and new client base going forward.

You can view the new Shanti Therapies website by visiting

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