Choosing The Right Creative Graphic Designer

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When you’re considering a new website, you also need to consider your branding. Branding not only shapes your business, but also your online presence. In this article, I’ll explain why I work exclusively with a creative graphic designer who not only defines your branding, but also works with me to ensure consistency.

If you’re starting out with a new business, there are two things you need. A solid brand, and a website that will empower that brand. Both go hand-in-hand to ensure that the message you give to clients is that you’re professional, and that you mean business.

Branding includes not just your logo but also a colour palette. When the two are combined, this gives your customers the visual cue needed to instantly recognise your business.

Without consistent branding, designing and building a website becomes a much harder task. For me, personally, as a web designer, if I have no branding to work with, I have to second guess what the client wants their website to look like. I have no base to build from. This then overflows into all areas of a customer’s online presence, for example, social media.

Let’s be clear here. I am not a creative graphic designer. I cannot design logo’s or branding. I often joke with my clients that I can’t draw for toffee (I can barely draw a stick man!). Yes, I am excel when it comes to the aesthetics of a website… does the page look balanced?… is there symmetry to the layout?… does the website have a natural flow?… will it look great across all devices? However, I cannot design a logo that encapsulates your business, nor the branding that goes with it.

To that end, I exclusively use the services of someone who I inherently trust when it comes to branding, and someone I have worked with on numerous projects. That someone is Mary McCarthy . Having perfected her craft over many years, she is the only person I recommend to clients who want me to build their website, but also need their branding sorted first. Remember, your brand will be your calling card for many years to come, so getting it right at the outset of your business cannot be emphasised enough.

I hope this post has gone some way to enlightening you about why branding is so important when it comes to your business, and why you should trust Mary to get it right for you, just as I trust her to make sure that whatever package you go for, I can carry your branding over to your new website.

If you want to get in touch with Mary, visit her website at , send her a message via her contact page , or give her a call on 07715 748150.

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