Carshalton Yoga Shala & Yoga Path Escapes Redesign

Website designed for Carshalton Yoga Shala by Websites by Dave Parker

I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Natasha at Carshalton Yoga Shala/Yoga Path Escapes. Natasha’s brief was to completely renovate her website to make it fast, contemporary, fully responsive across all platforms (desktop, tablet and smartphone) and to bring in more business.

Natasha already had her Carshalton Yoga Shala website hosted by another supplier. Unfortunately, the website was quite basic, and it wasn’t responsive meaning that when viewed on tablet or smartphone devices, only a poorly rendered version of the desktop website was shown to customers. Natasha also found it almost impossible to edit the content, as this was largely controlled by the web design company that built the website initially.

Natasha has recently launched her Yoga Path Escapes venture in conjunction with her Carshalton Yoga Shala business. She wanted a way to allow clients to view upcoming retreats that are being planned along with all the details of the trips and how to book.

The approach taken was to combine these two entities into one website. Mary McCarthy of Mary McCarthy Design had recently completed a branding exercise with Natasha to give her the logo for Yoga Path Escapes along with a colour palette which reflects the whole yoga experience. This information was passed on to myself, allowing me to build the website which is cohesive with the brand.

Another requirement from Natasha was the desire to be able to accept online bookings and take payment for her upcoming classes and therapy sessions she offers. I recommended that she use Acuity Scheduling to achieve this as I have the required experience in setting this platform up and incorporating it into a website. Since going live with the website, Natasha has already seen her client base start to use this, and makes the whole process of class and therapy session booking become much more streamlined.

Finally, Natasha also wanted a way to be able to allow clients to stay up to date with her news. This has been done by incorporating a blog into her new website, and also by setting up MailChimp which directly hooks into the website, allowing clients to sign up to Natasha’s newsletters.

The whole process took just over four weeks from conceptual design phase to go-live. The website is highly optimised to ensure fast response times regardless of whether it is viewed on a desktop of smartphone, as demonstrated when analysed through Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Carshalton Yoga Shala mobile speedtest report
Carshalton Yoga Shala website redesign achieves a score of 99/100 for mobile optimisation on Google PageSpeed Insights
Carshalton Yoga Shala desktop page speed report
Carshalton Yoga Shala website redesign achieves a score of 97/100 for desktop optimisation on Google PageSpeed Insights

Natasha is delighted with her new website, commenting that she is already getting great compliments from her clients with the new design!

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